Certaldo and Boccaccio

Settlements already in Etruscan, the name Certaldo derives its name from the Latin cerrus altus, or from the Germanic cerrus aldo, both meaning “Hill covered with cash”. In 1164 the emperor Frederick Barbarossa the grants to the counts Alberti from Prato, who settled in what is today’s Palazzo Pretorio. From

Lucca and Lucca Comics and Games

Many are the things to see in Lucca, a town from the immense historical-monumental wealth which was also advanced the proposal to include its historic UNESCO World Heritage site. Beginning almost intact walls that surround it.  You can access the city passing the walls through six gates built between 1500

The hills of Florence

The hills of Florence, has always known to poets and artists, contain the fascination of nature and tranquility that Tuscany offers to its visitors. What to do in half a day, the squares where you can admire a beautiful view are: 1. Fiesole: Panorama from the road to San Francesco,

The Barberino Outlet

For everyone is simply the Barberino Outlet Village, located in the magnificent setting of Mugello a few kilometres from Florence. Barberino Designer Outlet is an enchanting Citadel shopping shopping in complete relax, immersed in the Tuscan landscape of the Valley of the Sieve. The Barberino Designer Outlet is one of

The road circuit of Mugello

A wonderful attraction in the area of particular note is the Mugello road Circuit, which was a car race disputed between 1914 and 1970 on the roads of the Mugello,Tuscany. Within the Mugello circuit Road Town you can admire a wonderful view across the path. The race was held starting

The swimming pool

Villa with pool for rent in Florence

Designed and completed in the summer of 2014, our pool is 14 meters long and wide 7. From poolside sun bath, you will enjoy a fantastic view, the rolling hills of Mugello, Florence. Villa with pool for rent in Florence If you are looking for a villa with pool for