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Lots of new features coming, stay tuned! A restructuring carried out with sacrifice, in the mud and the bad weather to recover a beautiful building in a wonderful place to realize a dream that will remain in time. Every detail has been studied for quality and beauty in order to

Fucecchio and Indro Montanelli

Fucecchio (pronunciation: Fucécchio, Ficeclum) is a town in the metropolitan city of 23,496 Italian in Florence in Tuscany, in the lower Valdarno. The municipality lies on the right bank of the Arno River, the border between the provinces of Florence, Pisa, Lucca and Pistoia and near the wetland Padule di

The tour of the Florentine hills

The Florentine hills, boasting of the artistic and cultural capital of Renaissance Florence, are known all over the world but what few know is that fall within a local context only. The Florentine hills, harmonious fruit of the encounter between the secular work of man and a generous nature and

Venice and its Lagoon

Venice is a unique city, a wonder, a miracle on the water, an open air museum! With this guide visit Venice will be even easier. Visiting it means to live a unique experience, for this you have to see it in all its aspects and points of interest, starting with

Purple potatoes, some recipes

Purple Potatoes have Peruvian origin and are hard to find in the European markets. Unlike the other potatoes, purple potatoes are rich in antioxidants, increase the level of the immune system and prevention of certain cancers. They are also rich in energy with high amount of vitamins and proteins. I

The Mugello motoGP of May 22, 2016

Last year the MotoGP race at Mugello was one of the most beautiful ever. A podium dominated by Lorenzo riding his Yamaha, Ibanez with Ducati and Valentino Rossi third our that after winning the next week appears to be one of the Favorites, along with Marquez, Lorenzo and Pedrosa. Will