Pisa and the leaning tower

Is the famous leaning tower which makes Pisa known all over the world, but the city also offers many other interesting things to see and worth to spend at least a day. Arriving in the beautiful Piazza dei Miracoli, the eye is undoubtedly captured the tower and we can’t deny

San Miniato and the white truffle

San Miniato is a lovely village perched on a hill along the Arno, halfway between Florence and Pisa. The origins of the city, famous for its delicious white truffle, date back to the Etruscan-Roman. The castle was built by Emperor Otto I in 962°, stayed there even Frederick Barbarossa and

Purple potatoes, some recipes

Purple Potatoes have Peruvian origin and are hard to find in the European markets. Unlike the other potatoes, purple potatoes are rich in antioxidants, increase the level of the immune system and prevention of certain cancers. They are also rich in energy with high amount of vitamins and proteins. I