The Historical Center of Florence

The Historical Centre of Florence, a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1982 concluded within the circle of the avenues traced on the old medieval walls, collects the most important cultural assets of Florence. Bounded by the walls of the 14th century, built thanks to the commercial and economic power

The hills of Florence

The hills of Florence, has always known to poets and artists, contain the fascination of nature and tranquility that Tuscany offers to its visitors. What to do in half a day, the squares where you can admire a beautiful view are: 1. Fiesole: Panorama from the road to San Francesco,

The swimming pool

Villa with pool for rent in Florence

Designed and completed in the summer of 2014, our pool is 14 meters long and wide 7. From poolside sun bath, you will enjoy a fantastic view, the rolling hills of Mugello, Florence. Villa with pool for rent in Florence If you are looking for a villa with pool for