The Florence Country Residence, is located inside a private estate, in the hills of Mugello, just 18 km from Florence. This tourist complex is perfect for people looking for holiday rentals near Florence and includes some historic buildings that offer different types of hospitality, both large family apartments, more refined and intimate suites, but also rooms in a beautiful farmhouse.

Historical Residences


Casabella and Villa Il Prato are two historic residences that are 5 minutes from each other. Inside what was once a residence of 1500 owned by the Friars of the Abbey of Montesenario, suites and apartments have been created for holiday rentals near Florence. While Villa Il Prato is an ancient farmhouse in a private forest from which has been obtained a luxury apartment. Both facilities are within walking distance of the Agri-Resort Le Colline del Paradiso, the restaurant La Fornace de' Medici and the Spa.

Residenza storica per Affitti per vacanze vicino a Firenze

Residenza Le Colline del Paradiso


Residenza Le Colline del Paradiso include nove suites ricavate all’interno di una splendida casa colonica che si affaccia su una delle più belle vallate del Mugello. Si trova a due passi dall’Agri-Resort Le Colline del Paradiso, dal ristorante La Fornace de’ Medici  e dalla Spa.

Antica fornace Le Colline del Paradiso agriturismo vicino a Firenze

Le Colline del Paradiso

Agri-resort & spa

Le Colline del Paradiso is an agri-resort, the result of a careful renovation of a historic building, an ancient furnace of 1500 designed by the renonwed architect Buontalenti on the orders of the Medici family.
The Agri-resort includes nine finely renovated rooms, a private spa with sauna and Turkish bath, an infinity pool overlooking the valley and the restaurant La Fornace de' Medici .