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The Chianti area of Tuscany is a magical place to spend your holidays, because nothing is missing: art, culture, nature and good food. But mostly good wine.
From Florence Country Residence you can easily reach the famous hills of Chianti and Sienese. And you’ll be amazed to discover that no matter how small it may be the Chianti area offers the possibility to visit cities and medieval towns, castles and churches and enjoy at the same time to wine tastings.

The Chianti fiorentino is a part of Tuscany that goes full discovery, piece after piece to breathe its magic and live the purest essence.
Here are some tips to make the most of these hills, its colours and its purity and simplicity. Even for those who have the ability to do just a day trip.

This area-between the provinces of Florence and Siena is known worldwide for the production of wine, its landscape is evocative, designed by vineyards and olive groves and fortified villages, castles and picturesque villages offering everyone a better view of the other.

The so-called Chiantigiana connects Florence to Chianti. One of the first countries that deserve a stop is Strada in Chianti: Here you can enjoy a splendid panorama and visit an ancient church dedicated to Saint Christopher where there is a beautiful olive wood crucifix decorated by Neri di Bicci, and dating back to around 1440. Under the current altar is still the original apse dating back to before the year 1000.

Moving away from Florence you arrive in Greve, known as “the gate of Chianti. The main attraction of the town is Piazza Matteotti, known as the market place for its peculiar shape: Here you can rest in one of the quaint restaurants. In the Church of the Holy Cross are works of great Florentine artists as Andrea della Robbia, that we can not see.