The Bilancino Lake is the largest artificial lake in Tuscany. For tourists it is a must to insert absolutely in the itinerary.
Has a maximum depth of 31 meters and an area of 5 sq km which makes it possible to increase the supply of Florence, Prato and Pistoia. It is located within the municipality of Barberino di Mugello, West of Hwy 65 della Futa, important interregional connecting road axis between Tuscany and Emilia Romagna, and very close to the motorway exit of the A1 motorway. Located in the pristine natural environment of Mugello, rich in artistic and cultural beauty, the Lake is at the Centre of an area of great landscape value.
Nearby two architectural complexes of monumental value; the Medici villas of Cafaggiolo and Trebbio and all around a rich and well preserved cultural and natural heritage: forests, crops, churches and farmhouses. Special emphasis hiring also complexes from which you can enjoy a magnificent panorama of the vast lake. The entrance to the dam and the Lake is reported, on the Southeast side, by an urban system deliberately preserved, the village of Bilancino, small core long-defined as road in the 19th century.
Although it is a dam built against the danger of flooding, Rocker took over time the hallmarks of a natural lake surrounded by green, on hills dotted with villas, a place where it is pleasant to spend a summer day. The lake shore, in the summertime, is suitable for swimming and is equipped with some real plants. With its clean waters, there are many activities you can do, such as bathing, canoeing, kayaking, sailing, windsurfing. You can also practice sports fishing; You can fish for carp, Chub, perch and Pike. There are also many trails and paths where you can go hiking, jogging or biking. The Lake is also an interesting little gull managed by the WWF natural oasis with activities and workshops, OASIS full of wild ducks, storks, cranes and flamingos. Here you can appreciate the natural value of the landscape, plants and animals.
This is a quite unique and deserves your attention if you visit the area.