Guido Ciatti, thanks to the 26 of General Electric and his recent commitment in consultancy that has also led him to teach business strategy to the Masters of the “sole 24ore” provides with his consultancy company 5 C Strategy a consultancy support to 360 ° Ranging from strategic setting, to finding innovation, training, reorganization, process optimization and etc. An example of advisory activity is strategic planning which is a process to determine what needs to become a company and how it can best achieve that goal.

Fully assesses the potential of a company and explicitly links the company’s objectives to the actions and resources needed to achieve them. Strategic planning offers a systematic process to ask and answer the most critical questions that a management team needs to face, particularly commitment decisions of particularly large and irrevocable resources.

An effective strategic planning process must:
-Describe the mission, vision and fundamental values of the organization
-Determine potential business areas and explore each market by analyzing emerging threats and opportunities
-Understanding current and future priorities on targeted customer segments
-Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the company compared to competitors and determine which elements of the value chain the company should make a choice of type “make or Buy”

-Identify and evaluate alternative strategies
-Develop a profitable business model that can profitably differentiate the company from its competitors
-Define stakeholder expectations and establish clear and convincing goals for business
-Prepare programmes, policies and plans to implement the strategy
-Establish organisational support structures, decision-making processes, information and control systems and recruitment and training programmes
-Allocate resources to develop critical capabilities
-Planning and responding to contingencies or environmental changes
-Monitor Performance

Companies use strategic planning to:

-Change the direction and performance of a company
-Encouraging facts-based discussions on politically sensitive issues
-Create a common framework for decision-making in the organisation
-Set an appropriate context for budget decisions and performance assessments
-An opportunity for managers to develop and share better information to make better decisions
-Increase confidence in the direction of the business

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