Team Building – Formazione in Cucina

For years the food and events organized around it create relationships between people. On this principle are based our Team Building Cooking format! But it is not only one format: the variety of options in this case is really huge!
The Team Building Cooking is the tool that allows participants to get to know each other and enjoy the time spent together, establishing a bond. The best definition of our game in the kitchen? An afternoon or evening full of good humor, lots of positive energy and fun. It is therefore a moment of healthy competition! And these are the elements that create the team spirit.

What is the secret of team building cooking?
Team Cooking is a Team Building format for sure success. After the diffusion on television of the reality show dedicated to the kitchen, also the companies understood the potentialities of the kitchen. A similar activity is in fact perfect as an instrument of aggregation and recreational activities, but also as a relational and relaxing moment to which everyone can participate by cooking together and then enjoying the dishes.
Over the years the formats linked to the kitchen have undergone considerable evolutions, passing from the simple preparation of the dinner to real cooking competitions: the preparation of something that will be eaten to really create on the one hand a sense of responsibility, and on the other A Pleasant to meet together with a simple but important common goal, that is to eat.

These are extremely versatile formats, which can be used as part of a conference or a corporate dinner, as a socially useful event, as a pleasant aperitif intro or as a team culinary contest.
There are also no shortage of formats dedicated to the use of beverages, such as the Cocktail Challenge or the Wine Games. These formats work both on the experiential component and on the pleasure of the senses, thanks to the sensations experienced by the tastings.

The benefits of Team cooking:

· A wide variety of solutions, from aperitif to dinner and after dinner;
· development of communicative skills;
· increase in working efficiency;
· Greater ability to work under pressure;
· Growth of confidence in personal and professional relationships;
· Fun
· Increase in creativity and healthy cooking.

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