Baking course and cooking with bread

The Tuscan cuisine differs from all the others for the use of unsalted bread. It seems that the custom dates back to the XII century when, at the height of the rivalry between Pisa and Florence, the Pisans put in practice very high prices to the precious sodium chloride. There is also a hypothesis that says that the same lords of Florence impose particularly expensive taxes for the use of salt.

Many recipes in fact involve the use of bread, even stale, to honor the principle that in the kitchen is not thrown away anything. In this way the so-called leftovers are born traditional dishes of a unique goodness: the panzanella, the tomato porridge, the ribollita, the Panata, the Fettunta and the soup of black cabbage (also called Pan Co ‘ Santi).

You will have the opportunity to learn the realization of various types of bread with different techniques. Rustic breads, small wholemeal sandwiches, pan-brioche and focaccia. We will also use aromatic herbs, all organic. A full immersion with hands in dough that will revive the convivial atmosphere of other times in a frame of respect. You will also be taught recipes that involve the use of bread
At the end there will be a rich and tasty final tasting.

The course starts at 10.30 and ends at 15.00. In the summer the course could be done in the afternoon from 16.30 to 21.30

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