Basic Wine Tasting Course

Among the first regions to be thought of when it comes to Italian wine, Tuscany is certainly one of the first. Famous mainly for the red wines produced with grapes Sangiovese-among these Chianti, Brunello di Montalcino and Vino Nobile di Montepulciano-Tuscany is well appreciated for the red wines produced with the main “international” grapes, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Pinot Noir. Although they are less famous, in Tuscany There are also some interesting white wines, and just as for the red wines, the production concerns both native grapes-as in the case of the Vernaccia di San Gimignano-and international grapes, in particular Chardonnay. Tuscany is also known for the production of Vin Santo, certainly not the only region of Italy where this particular sweet wine is produced with raisin grapes, but certainly among the most representative regions.

The course, which we propose, is aimed at all people interested in knowing something more than the classic basics about wine. How many times have we wondered what kind of wine to match the food prepared on our tables? This course will teach you to choose, recognize and select different types of wine, making us experts in the field. The wine tasting is a moment of pleasant learning of everything you should know about wine and its preparation. The course proposes, in its meetings, to let us acquire all the basics on the preparation and the composition of the wine. At the table with friends, we can recognize the ingredients present in the wine, know how to appreciate it and how to choose between many types, recognize the origin and especially decide which labels grow old in the cellar.

Flavours, perfumes and aromas will be the constant of the course, during which the theory will be combined with a good glass. The planet Wine is a world to explore and sip slowly. White, red or rosé wine? We have the choice! We will guide you (in a convivial, entertaining, practical and with understandable terminologies) discovering techniques and secrets to better recognize this beverage. Wine is also culture and it helps us to know the world, our country and its history.

The course is suitable for absolute beginners but also for those who already have a certain familiarity with wine, and maybe has followed other amateur courses and wants to give a more functional and modern imprint to his knowledge.
With a concrete approach aimed at giving results of immediate application, we start from the essential concepts of the sensory analysis of wine. We learn to evaluate and describe the appearance, the scent and the taste, we explore the food-wine pairings. To better understand the differences between the different wines, we then follow the grape from the vineyard to the working in the cellar, always in a relaxed and engaging atmosphere.

Course program in five lessons of two hours
· The introduction to the world of wine
· Introduction to tasting Techniques
· The mode of service
· The signs of viticulture
· Reading the label
· The tasting (visual, olfactory and gustatory examination)
· Pairing techniques

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