The Olive Harvest

It is a hard work, like all those that concern the Earth, but very fascinating and able to give great satisfactions: to collect the olives and really understand what the “path” that makes to become oil is a very interesting activity.

Depending on the vintaged, we are preparing for the middle of October and November to transform the precious fruit into the many varieties of oil that make our land one of the best producers in the world. We give the opportunity to tourists who are interested in this product and tradition to do this experience for the first time.

Here the harvesting of olives, carried out by hand for the fruit olives and with the olive oil for the olives, occurs when they reach an adequate maturation which generally coincides with a change of the colour of the Drupa.

In the experiential package there is a brief theoretical introduction, then you deploy in the olive grove where the nets are stretched out under the trees and you start to caress the twigs tree by tree to drop the olives and then collect them in special baskets Where they will remain until the time of milling. Step by step followed by the expert gatherers.

Then we move on to the fruit crusher in open plastic containers to avoid overheating the olives. Finally, the mill processing that is always carried out within the 24/48 hours of harvesting. And then celebrate together with lunches and dinners in the community, even with dishes seasoned with new oil.
The satisfaction is all at the end when the guests receive free samples of the product obtained during the days of work.

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