Wine game

To make your business meetings or friends more enjoyable and creative, we provide our experience in the world of wine to all people who want to give a touch of class and originality to their meetings and team building inside and outside, through the game of competition with wine.

How does it works?

In the company of the sommelier Guido and his staff, with his wine school The participants will taste the excellent Tuscan wines, learning the combination of wine/food, the etiquette of the glass and all the visual-gustative-olfactory techniques in a sober environment, Informal and joyful learning the art of tasting in a competition of pure fun and team spirit. This fun program will allow each participant to become the protagonist.
By tasting a good wine and enjoying its aroma, the participants will learn to identify the different tastes, recognizing the secret that encloses them. To achieve this final result, participants will know the various basic products that produce these aromas such as licorice, cinnamon, berries, wood, berries, coffee and much more.

Structure of the game

The event will begin with a basic tasting during which you will develop a race to covered bottles to make the game more enjoyable.
Each team will have to identify the truly exceptional wine in flavour, aroma, taste and finish. The competition takes place in identifying the various wines
The fun, along with the learning of oenological techniques, is assured, with a mean duration that goes from one hour and a half to three hours. The fun is assured!

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