Casabella had been built by the monks of the sanctuary of Montesenario in 1796 because in those days the pilgrims to reach the shrine from Florence employed over one day walk, so they needed a place to stay. For this they had built this building where in the lower left was a large kitchen while on the right side there was the dining room and the first floor rooms.
Underground through the small stairs led to a stone room where the monks gathered to pray. He was subsequently created a building with strings used as a stable where they put the horses.
At the end of the nineteenth century settled within Casabella settlers to cultivate the land and were made any changes in the stable: were the oxen, they built a barn and the place of prayer became a cellar.
The renovations of the building Casabella which was in poor condition with damaged roofs and collapsed about 20 years ago and started 4 years ago.
Now the structure Casabella became receptive with its beautiful rooms and apartments, as well as large green spaces surrounding it is equipped with every comfort for holidays and relaxation.
Casabella has returned to its former glory but at the same time was modernized, perfect for the many tourists who want to visit the Mugello.
From past to present, through its magnificent history, Casabella is in all respects an example of how the ruins of an ancient structure may go back to ancient times and facts shine through to the present day, always respecting the culture and tradition that made large a region like Tuscany and meant that the Mugello became a showpiece as attractive tourist place for Italian and foreign visitors.