Stitched Panorama

Many are the things to see in Lucca, a town from the immense historical-monumental wealth which was also advanced the proposal to include its historic UNESCO World Heritage site. Beginning almost intact walls that surround it. 
You can access the city passing the walls through six gates built between 1500 and the beginning of ‘ 900. Other ports, dating back prior to paths within the city walls are still visible today, this is the ancient Porta San Donato (1590), within the homonymous square headquarters of the work of the walls, Porta San Gervasio (1198) and port towns. 
The historic city has preserved its medieval aspect, thanks to the valuable ancient architecture, and numerous churches (Lucca is also known as the city of 100 churches), the many towers, bell towers and monumental Renaissance buildings. 
Between the towers, one surely the clock tower with its 50 meters tall and is the highest, and where you can admire the hand-wound clock mechanism and internal wooden staircase of 207 steps still preserved; and the Guinigi Tower, one of the most representative monuments of Lucca, with the presence of some Oaks on its Summit. 
Also visit the many squares: Piazza dell’anfiteatro, born on the ruins of the ancient Roman amphitheatre by the architect Lorenzo Nottolini; Piazza San Michele historic hub; Piazza san Martino with the famous cathedral; Piazza Napoleone wanted by Elisa Baciocchi during his Principality and Piazza del Giglio where overlooks the homonymous theatre.

Lucca Comics and Games is a fair dedicated to comics, animation, games (role playing, Board, card games), video games and fantasy and science fiction, imagination held in Lucca in Tuscany, in the days between October and November. Is considered the most important Italian exhibition sector, first in Europe and second in the world after the Comiket in Tokyo.