Montecatini is a town within easy reach, is situated in a strategic position for those who plan to visit a little Tuscany full of beautiful art cities.
By staying there you can enjoy the tranquility of a spa town despite having to throw an uncontaminated and wonderful works of art.
Is located in the extreme west of the Apennine foothills Serravalle Pistoiese and occupies the central part of Valdinievole. 
Montecatini is a city that since its inception has developed around his greatest treasure, the thermal waters that flow naturally from the ground. 

The whole structure of the city is organized in such a way as to be in harmony with nature, so that visitors can relax walking through its boulevards or in the Parks surrounding the nine spas: sunshield, Excelsior, Regina, health, tamarisk, Redi, Tower, Leopoldine and Grocco. 
To make world famous thermal baths were also the illustrious presences, such as those of Verdi, Rossini, Leoncavallo, Puccini and Mascagni. The waters of Montecatini they conduct their activities mainly in the liver and digestive system. The Park of Panteraie although not part of the baths is structured with a “life path” (gynastics in the Park), medical walking, bar service and refreshment.
Montecatini is a tourist town and as such offers many opportunities for recreation. For those who love sports, whether it’s attending sporting events is ideal because structures are diverse and very varied: the Hippodrome where international competitions are organized, skeet shooting, golf and especially to basketball. 
For those who like passion has shopping Montecatini offers a wide choice of shops, from the workshop to the boutique luxury. Montecatini also provides evening entertainment, in fact offers several entertainment venues from restaurants serving tasty dishes of typical Tuscan cuisine, followed by the live music venues and club nights. 

There is a rather peculiar transport called Funicular, it connects Montecatini Alto, a village of origin prior to the year 1000. The funicular is dated 1850, yet fully functional, it retains the original carriages with wooden interiors. Montecatini Alto offers an opportunity for visitors to stroll in an ancient village while offering modern conveniences.