Organic Extra virgin Olive oil

We have 1000 olive trees scattered in the hills for an area of 5 organic hectares.

The main characteristic of our oil is the low acidity it contains, giving it a fresh and unique flavour.
Extra virgin olive oil is rich in the following important substances:
• Natural Antioxidants
• Liposoluble Vitamins
• Oleic acid (digestive enzymes)
• Betasisterol (blood cholesterol antagonist)
• Cycloartenol Squalene
• Essential Fatty acids
• Unsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids

It is extremely low in cholesterol and, among the products with high lipid content, is undoubtedly the food that presents the lowest rate. Its acidic composition is optimal for what concerns the assimilation of our digestive system. The oleic acid content of the extra virgin olive oil oscillates between 70 and 80%, up to 85%.

Our organic oil instead, has a much lower content of acidity!
The acidity of olive oil is a qualitative parameter that can be defined only by laboratory-Rio analysis. The human organism is incapable of perceiving it with its own senses. It is necessary, therefore, to re-cordon that no one, not even an expert taster, can determine the acidity of an oil as-testing it. The most common mistake in fact is to confuse the spicy in extra virgin olive oil with acidity. The spicy instead is the sensory manifestation of the presence of the most beneficial substances present in the extra-virgin olive oil, or the powerful antioxidant cone-sciuti as polyphenols.

The evaluation of the acidity in olive oil allows its product classification. Parlan-do of virgin olive oils and unrefined, here is the trade classification:
• Extra virgin olive oil: virgin olive oil without organoleptic defects, whose acidity expressed in oleic acid cannot exceed 0, 8g per 100g;
• Virgin olive oil: virgin olive oil with barely perceptible defects, whose acidity cannot exceed 2g per 100g;
• Lampante virgin olive oil: virgin olive Oil of imperfect taste with a acidity of up to 2g per 100g.

The quality of a good oil: you feel it, you see it but above all you taste it!

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