Our bread with wheat Verna

The Verna bread that we produce is made with flours from the wheat Verna, which is an an-Tico grain of Tuscan origin. The Verna wheat is characterised by a modest protein content that makes it particularly suitable also for those with food intolerances.
It has a low gluten content, 0.9% compared to conventional grains of 14%. Verna wheat is healthy and more digestible. Our bread is born thanks to the Pasta madre (Leavesino).
The bread of wheat Verna has a rustic taste and an ancient taste, dark, perfumed, simply good!

We present the recipe for making bread at home with wheat Verna.

For the leavening
• Flour W 400 100 g
• Water 100 ml
• Mother Pastry refreshed 50 g
For the dough
• The leavening
• Wheat Flour Verna 550 g
• Flour 0 570 g
• Pasta Madre 200 g
• Water 730/750 ML
• Salt 10 g

Prepare the leaven: Dissolve the mother dough in the water, add the flour and mix well. Transfer the dough into a bowl, cover it with the film and then with a cloth and let it rest until it is doubled (with the mother pastry it will take about eight hours).
Prepare the dough: in the bowl of the kneader, pour a part of the water, the leaven, the sourdough and dissolve it, then add the sied flour and the salt. Operate the kneading machine and then flush the remaining water. Knead until you get a soft, homogeneous, not sticky and well-incorated dough. Transfer it to a bowl, cover it and let it rise all night long at the ambient temperature.

After the leavening time make three sets of folds thirty minutes apart from each other then mold the bread with your hands so as to give it a round shape. Place a cloth on a baking pan and sprinkle with flour. Transfer the bread to the towel so that the folded part is underneath. If the surface is sticky sprinkle it with the flour. Fold the cloth on the bread without tightening it too much: it only needs to cover it and prevent it from being pulled sideways so that it grows in height. Let it rise three hours sheltered from draughts. Will have to double in volume. Half an hour before the leavening period place a grill in the lower part of the oven, put a ceramic pot on it with its lid and heat it to 245 °.

Pull the hot pot out of the oven (I recommend take care and use gloves or pot holders because it will be boiling) and remove the lid. Open the cloth and topple the pan in the pan, quickly but gently with the bent part upwards. Cover again with its lid (do not forget the gloves) and bake for forty-five minutes. Remove the lid and cook again thirty to thirty-five minutes. When the bread is cooked, bake it and let it cool on a grill before slicing it.

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