The Fresh pasta

The Fresh pasta
In our farm, from the fields we produce the ancient variety of Verna wheat in a biological way: a grain that, as an old one, is not genetically modified and that contributes to maintain a correct diet. This type of wheat also has a lower gluten content and therefore involves a very low risk of allergenicity. Of its 12% total protein, only 1% is gluten. The Verna has also been studied by the University of Bologna and the University of Florence, with excellent results in relation to the Organoleptic properties: the presence of micronutrients and antioxidants is high. The variety of soft wheat Verna represents Tuscany, where for decades the authenticity and purity has been defended, despite the low productivity and the modest protein content.

We collect the ancient Verna wheat in early July and grind it to stone to maintain a greater quantity of nutritional elements, light and digestible.
With this flour we produce the fresh pasta:

Without egg

-The Pici
-The Fusilloni
-The Ballerine

With egg

-The Pappardelle
-The Tagliatelle

The medicei, our recipe of “Pici” made with the wheat flour verna and the fresh potatoes of our vegetable garden

The Ravioli

-Maremmani with spinach and a ricotta of Maremma sheep
-Mugellani with potatoes
-Seasonal according to the vegetables that the vegetable garden makes us available in the seasons as with pumpkins, nettles, asparagus, aubergines, artichokes, stracchino and rocket, cheese and walnuts, pecorino and pears, pecorino di Pienza.

From us you can buy the fresh pasta that we produce constantly or taste it in the restaurant

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