Scarperia is one of the most beautiful villages of Tuscany, just 30 km from Florence. It is one of the ideal destinations to make a trip to Tuscany less trivial and more culturally diverse.
Scarperia represented historically for Florence a kind of outpost on the Via Bolognese. Surrounded by walls and towers has some buildings of great interest, the most notable of which is the Palazzo dei Vicari reminiscent of the much more famous Palazzo Vecchio in Florence.
Dating back to 300 and overlooks the square of the same name, took place in the past roles of noble residence and fortress. The building is surmounted by a slender Tower and battlements that features a façade decorated with coats of arms of vicars. Inside it is decorated by numerous Renaissance frescoes, including a “Madonna and child with Saints” by the school of Ghirlandaio.
From 1 January 2014 was merged with San Piero a Sieve to form the new municipality of Scarperia and San Piero. It is famous for the production of handmade knives and professional coffee machines.
The territory is characterized by sweet hills and curvilinear. Is present, just outside town, the Giogo pass, which gives access to the commune of Firenzuola, continuing until Imola and later in Bologna.
In short, Scarperia is a real Pearl of the Mugello area that deserves to be visited.