The Mugello circuit is a racing and Italian motorcycle Grand Prix. Is located in Tuscany, North of Florence, in the commune of Scarperia and San Piero, and is owned by Ferrari. The layout of the track is 5,245 metres long, and winds through 15 curves.
Not far from the present site of the renowned plant road circuit of Mugello, home to car races held without interruption from 1914 to 1970.
The race track was built on an area of some 170 acres in 1972, on the initiative of the Automobile Club of Florence, with the intention of giving a venue more suited to traditional racing in the area become too dangerous: the Mugello road circuit races were in fact interrupted by 1970, after the death of a child who was run over while assisting at the trials competition. The task of designing the new course and works about was assigned to ing. Gianfranco Agnoletto and opened in 1974.
In 1988 the circuit was bought by Ferrari, which started a thorough renovation of the plant, providing it with the best existing infrastructure and upgrading them continuously, while maintaining the original plot design, very challenging for the drivers.
The track has won five times the award for best world motorcycling circuit (1995-1996-1997 Best Grand Prix-2000-2011).
For its the Mugello circuit was chosen to host, from 1 to May 3, 2012, the only collective session of F1 testing in the current season. Almost all pilots involved in the test expressed great enthusiasm for the beauty and difficulty of the Mugello track. Mark Webber expressed it thus: “In terms of customer satisfaction, 10 laps in the dry at Mugello is as good as 1000 in Abu Dhabi.
The next Gp in Mugello will be the June 4, 2017.