A wonderful attraction in the area of particular note is the Mugello road Circuit, which was a car race disputed between 1914 and 1970 on the roads of the Mugello,Tuscany.
Within the Mugello circuit Road Town you can admire a wonderful view across the path.
The race was held starting from San Piero a Sieve or, as happened in the last five editions from Scarperia then descended through the Giogo pass to Firenzuola turning left up to join the via Bolognese in locality La Casetta where began the ascent that carried the Futa pass and from there back down past Villa Le Maschere and villa di Cafaggiolo were returning in San Piero a Sieve and pathway to another round.
The first edition was held in 1914. The race was organized by the Automobile Club of Florence that since 1902 organized the Coppa della Consuma; held the Coppa della Consuma not enough challenging decided to organize something much more severe. It was the harshness of the path to choose the ring.
The circuit was opened in 1974 in Scarperia and in 1976 the Automobile Club di Firenze in collaboration with stable Biondetti organized a rally circuit on the same roads. After the verifications made in Florence at the Parterre, the race saw the success of the pilots Fargion and Cambridge driving a Ford Capri 3000. After this race Mugello fell silent.
Today the race is reborn as a reenactment and carries on the old route a large group of vintage cars and an interested public to search engines.