Vinci, near Florence, is a beautiful city situated on the slopes of Montalbano and nestled in the Tuscan countryside full of vineyards and olive groves that offers excellent wine and olive oil. Located a short distance from important cities of art such as Florence, Pisa, Pistoia, Lucca and Siena, Vinci is famous throughout the world as it is the city where the great Leonardo da Vinci, a man of wit and universal talent of the Renaissance considered one of the greatest geniuses of mankind. This magnificent Tuscan town is perfect for hiking and other outdoor activities, as well as offering enchanting artistic paths. Vinci has in its territory several monuments and landmarks that are worth a visit, among which stand out: the Leonardo Museum, which houses one of the most original collections of machines and models of Leonardo inventor; the birthplace of Leonardo, immersed among the olive trees of Montalbano in the locality of Anchiano; the leonardian library, where they are kept together with specimens of all the manuscripts and drawings by Leonardo da Vinci; the Holy Cross Church, 13th-century source and restored several times over the course of time; and the shrine of the Annunciation, an ancient oratory probably dating to the 16th century.

In addition, the territory of Vinci held events during the year, among which we highlight: the Unicorn Festival in July, a medieval-fantasy event with shows, games and pageants; reading Vinciana in April and Calici di stelle in August.

The Leonardo Museum contains one of the most extensive and important collections of Leonardo the inventor, technologist and engineer. The museum complex, which just hired permanently in 1986 the title of Leonardiano, presents machines and models with precise references to the artist’s sketches and handwritten annotations, supported also by digital animations and interactive applications, which enable easy understanding of experiments conducted by the great Tuscan genius.